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The Importance of Hiring Quality Labour and Trades on Civil Construction Sites

Quality labour-hire and trades are essential on civil construction sites. Labour, in any form, is without a doubt the most important asset to a construction company, and in turn the construction site.

Quality labour and trades are essential for quality workmanship, company reputation and also ensuring that works are completed on time. There are many aspects to consider the hiring of quality labour and trades, those include:


Time equals productivity. Time is arguably the most important factor in any type of construction project. Without quality trades and labour on-site completing the work, the time it would take for a less skilled, or diligent worker to complete the same work could blow out exponentially. Unskilled, or less skilled trades and labour on construction sites can result in the quality of work being compromised and far longer being taken to complete a job that a quality trades or labourer would take.

This would have significant impacts on not only the company sub-contracting the labour and trades, but also on the company delivering the project. Often, if construction is not completed within a specific timeframe, there are financial penalties incurred. The number of companies that may incur these penalties can be quite lengthy.


There are a number of facets to money. Hiring quality labour and trades, will result in less time taken to construct the project, but additionally, care and skill will be used that can only be found with quality hires.

It could result in fewer materials being utilised, as quality trades and labourers generally have better and more efficient skills and work practices, which result in high-quality finishes. This also amounts to the amount, and sometimes type, of materials being utilised for the project.


More often than not, quality trades and labourers will ensure that the safety standards of their workplace are of a high standard and policies and safe work practices are adhered to. These hires are generally more familiar with the workings of construction sites where safety is of the utmost importance, with hazards being identified, reported, and rectified as soon as possible.


The knowledge of skilled labour and trades will always be far better. This knowledge includes their specific trade or job, their experience on the job site, operating tools and maintaining equipment. Skilled labourers and trades will often complete their given task to a very high standard, often exceeding the stand required.


More often than not, quality trades and labour are very fit and healthy people. They have built up endurance to hard labour and long hours and have the ability to work the required hours in a day without any difficulties. These types of hires are often working 6 days a week, with very little downtime. They are physically and mentally capable of undertaking any job and the delivered product will exceed the minimum standard required.


Skilled labour and trades will take responsibility and ownership of their job. This includes ensuring that the works are completed on time, to standard and within budget. They will ensure that their colleague’s work is also completed to a high standard as they are well aware that errors, faults, poor quality workmanship or late delivery are also a reflection on them.

Contemplating hiring a less skilled person, usually in favour of saving money, is generally not worth it. It is fraught with danger, and there is the real possibility that it will actually end up costing you more than the skilled person was going to. Not to mention the headaches that come with it.

Why Kennedy Civil equals quality trades and labour

With 15 years of civil construction industry experience and strong community-minded values, Kennedy Civil Contracting are the experts when it comes to managing civil construction crews and skilled trades on site. Whether you are completing a large-scale road project, or a highly technical bridge build and a seeking highly skilled and professional civil works crews, to operate equipment required for the project, we are the smart choice for all your labour needs.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and reliability of our team, and with no project too big or too small. If you are thinking civil construction, think Kennedy Civil Contracting.

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