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The Benefits Of Hiring A Bulk Haulage Company

When you are looking to transport machinery to site to complete earthworks, civil construction projects, or perhaps a large railway construction job in a remote or afar location in Australia, you are certainly going to need the services of a bulk haulage company, such as the team at Kennedy Civil Contracting.

With over 874,000 km of road in Australia, it is certainly impossible for regular operators to trailer their operations across the country from site to site and doing so can be a costly experience in terms of both time and money.

We take a look at the benefits of hiring a bulk haulage company in Australia.

What is bulk haulage?

Bulk haulage generally refers to the use of large-scale trucks, truck trailers and tipper trucks to perform material or goods transport from one site to another site, or from a depot to a job site. Bulk haulage can be for machinery, products and for things like aggregate haulage. With so many kilometres of roads in Australia and an estimated 5 million tonnes of freight transported across Australia on any given day, bulk haulage is often seen as the most cost-effective and efficient way businesses get their required goods and materials from one place to another, fast!

What benefits does bulk haulage provide to businesses?

A solid bulk haulage transport vehicle or fleet of vehicles such as those operated by Kennedy Civil Contracting is the answer for many smaller operators when it comes to transport, and there are many benefits to businesses who make the decision to outsource their bulk haulage needs. These include;

Easy access to suitable vehicles

When you have specific haulage needs, having a suitable vehicle for transport is absolutely essential. Using a bulk haulage service means you have access to a variety of vehicles and are not limited to the vehicles you have in your own fleet. Ensuring that you can move your machinery or products from point A to point B, easily, and with less risk of overloading or damage caused by using a vehicle that just isn’t up to or suitable for the task.

With a bulk haulage service, the sky really is the limit in terms of what can be transported.

Cost and time effective

Businesses, regardless of industry are always looking for ways to save on time and money, with using a bulk haulage service gives businesses both benefits. Using a bulk haulage service provides businesses with greater time efficiency, as rather than transporting their machinery and goods in multiple small loads, taking considerable time and manpower, the same result can be achieved by completing a bulk move at once. Bulk haulage also means savings in terms of the bottom line, as rather than paying multiple staff for small loads, you can reduce the man-hours required through the usage of a bulk haulage service.


Reliability is certainly a critical benefit to businesses that engage a bulk haulage service. As they are placing their trust in a third-party organisation that specialises in this type of transport, they have peace of mind knowing that the job is far more likely to be completed on time, without any hassles or drams.

Insurance savings

As the insurance costs associated with operating heavy and bulk haulage vehicles continue to rise rapidly, using the services of an experienced operator rather than taking on those costs yourself as a business owner, will save you money and positively impact your bottom line.

Why pay for something that you can easily and reliably outsource to an expert?

Reduced transport risks

Using experience bulk haulage experts significantly reduces the risk of accidents and damage during the transport process. With dedicated, highly experienced, and professional staff making up the team, you can be reassured that your load will arrive in the same condition as when it left. This frees you up to concentrate on what you do best, running your business!

Why Kennedy Civil are your haulage experts?

Kennedy Civil Contracting is an experienced and dedicated bulk haulage expert, servicing the East coast regions of Australia. Our well-maintained bulk haulage fleet assists a variety of businesses including Sydney civil construction companies right through to Gold Coast civil construction companies, with projects also on foot in the ACT and QLD. We are experienced in the transport of machinery plants, large scale mining equipment and the delivery of bulk materials to even the most remote site locations.

With 15 years of industry experience and strong community-minded values, Kennedy Civil Contracting are the experts when it comes to bulk haulage solutions. Get in touch with our team today!