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From brand new projects to supporting existing ones, we are always scheduling ahead for future project opportunities! Please reach out to us via our contact form for a hassle-free consultation with our appraisal team.

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What benefits can the client expect as a result of undertaking this service?
Kennedy Civil Contracting deliver a personal service to their clients based on respect, unbeatable pricing and reliability. As a family-owned business with 15 years’ experience in the industry, they can be relied upon to deliver civil works on all scales. KCC are also community focused and driven, sponsoring the Sydney Children’s Hospital and MacArthur bulls amongst other community based projects. Choosing Kennedy Civil Contracting means supporting the community.
Why would clients elect for these services?
When clients have critical civil projects that play a important part in improving their local community, Kennedy Civil Contracting’s professionalism, fast acting nature, and personal attention makes them the right civil partner to choose. These values position them to deliver professional services, personnel and equipment as and when the client needs. Even when emergencies arise and other contractors let you down, Kennedy Civil Contracting act quickly to meet your needs.
What extra value can your clients expect as a result of choosing Kennedy Civil Contracting to undertake this service?

Kennedy Civil Contracting add value to their clients by being transparent about project costs, providing personal customer service and expertly delivering on their clients project needs. Even when on-site situations change, Kennedy Civil Contracting have the flexibility to adapt. This customer service and results driven focus benefits their clients, as possible issues are resolved quickly to continue projects to completion.

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